Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What Is Grade Point Average (GPA)?

For those people who have the question what is GPA in their mind, and are clueless about what does it mean and stand for, GPA (Grade Point Average) is the method by which the standing and overall performance of student in school, generally from middle school through college, is computed. In calculating your GPA, you must be aware that every semester, you will be receiving a GPA based on the grades you gained in all of your subjects during that semester. However, one must put in mind that the way in which GPA is computed or calculated, and the particular ins and outs of evaluating the standing or performance of a certain student may be unique to a single school or even a country.
The Importance of GPA
1. For those people who aren't that familiar with the importance of GPA, and still ask what is GPA, even before college, the GPA is considered a determining factor whether or not one is qualified to take Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses while you are still in you junior and senior years of high school.
2. For admission, all colleges and universities consider your GPA and even your class rank which is being determined by the calculated GPA. So this only means, the higher your GPA, the better you're your chances of getting into the University of your Choice.
3. If you want to obtain an academic or athletic scholarship, the major consideration that the school will look at is your GPA. The same case with financial aid.
If you're a student, it is very essential that as early as possible, you start improving your GPA for you can't wait until your junior or senior year to start being concerned and troubled about your cumulative GPA. Every class you attend during your high school years gets averaged in, so your first and second year grades are just as important. If you put a full effort and study hard during the first two years, there's a big tendency to graduate with an above average GPA which is good.
A little planning along with hard work during high school years can definitely help you earn and obtain a satisfying cumulative GPA later on and can surely make a difference by the time when you will send in your college applications. Study hard in during your freshmen and sophomore years for this will raise your chances of admission to AP, IB, honors or even an accelerated course. Studying hard is your key to a higher GPA because they are frequently given more weight on the GPA scale. One must inculcate in mind that a low GPA prevents anyone from getting into college; some four-year colleges necessitate a 3.0 or higher for admission. Don't relax once you receive your acceptance letter. Remember that your future college will continue to monitor your performance through the end of your senior year and expect a final transcript. For some who wonder what is GPA, it is a ticket for a better future!

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